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You can never go wrong with Everest Poland as we strive to tailor our services down to your specific needs.


We provide you with the best courses from the best schools in Europe.


We help you with get a well paying job in from various companies in Europe .


Getting a better medical treatment and surgery abroad is easier with us.

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We have made the dream of studying abroad a reality for many and we strive to keep our services suitable for the needs of both our past and new Candidates.

Our Services

Below are the services we provide to our clients and the needs we strive to meet.

Recruitment for Studies

We provide part scholarships to many reputable and affordable universities in Poland. All the universities we partner with has produced some of the best engineers in Poland and are well recognised.

Recruitment for Work

Are you wondering if you will be able to get a job after studies or while studying ? well, you're in the right place as this is all we cover. We ensure that you get into the right institute and also provide a space to put the skills you acquire in school to good use.

Accomodation & Travel

Our services extends to linking you with trusted travel agencies and flight companies that will ensure that your trip to Europe is swift and affordable. Our reach also spans to many housing agencies that help us in making sure our students have the best shelter.

Visa Guidance

You might think that getting a Visa is tough. With Everest Poland, we ensure that your chances of getting the Visa are high because we make sure all the paper work are done properly and also making sure you have all the neccesary knowledge needed for the interview.

Career Mentorship

Are you confused about what path to settle for or how to plan your career, our team of career Experts are ready and willing to walk you through a suitable path that matches your interests and passion. All that is required of you is to bring this to our notice by reaching out to us.

Health & Medical Treatment

We also provide the possibility for you to visit the best hospitals in Europe for any kind of check up or treatment.

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Our team is available to answer any questions you have for us regardless of the time zone. Simply send us a message containing your question.

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Below are the courses we hope to provide in the nearest future. Please write us for more enquiries or to register for a particular course.

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October 2020

October 2020